• Pop-up card case

    To increase the overall capacity of our range of Slim Wallets while keeping the form factor slim and compact, our product designers have used an ingenious pop-up card holder on all our Slim Wallets. It is a slim card compartment that can carry 4-6 embossed and non-embossed cards within it. On pulling down a switch, it will dispense the cards in a cascading arrangement which allows you to access all the cards at the same time. You can identify each card and choose the card that you would like to use at that point of time. Made out of aluminum, the card compartment is durable and long-lasting and also keep the wallet light and pocket-friendly.

  • RFID Protection

    True to the essence of our brand, all our products come with RFID protection. We understand the necessity of plastic money in these times and also the risks of information theft that it carries. To counter this threat, we have found a way to protect your card information. A layer of RFID blocking material has been sandwiched in our leather components so that it can block the RFID signals emitted from the cards inside the product and keeps your card information safe. The pop-up card case has RFID Protection Technology to protect the information on the cards.