As the smartphones put the world in our fingertips, almost all essential documents shrank to pocket size. We carried less, but what we carried was held dearer than ever before.

This thought led to the birth of the Scudo concept. As the world evolved, we also felt the need to make our everyday essentials more functional. The modern version of our traditional essentials should not only look smart but also should be easier to use and purposeful.

We are all about style that is well shaped. Handcrafted with the finest materials that gels well with both trends and traditions. Using durable materials and modern manufacturing, we make products that mirror your personality and style game, while making it even more appealing to use in our day-to-day lives!

Every item is built to the highest standards from the moment the material is hand-cut to the final stitch and polish.


We strongly believe that what we carry should reflect your personality and style. However, since it is something that you would carry daily, it should also be functional and easy to use so that it is a pleasure to have them around.

Our card holder wallets, for instance, are built with that purpose in mind. It looks sleek and trendy, yet it makes carrying your finances such a breeze. It is also designed in line with all modern features in mind, like an increased storage capacity for your cards backed by in-built RFID protection. Card usage is increasing day by day, and this wallet make is very easy to use those. You can take out the cards without really opening your wallet.

Responsible Sourcing

We use only genuine leather in our products and have no synthetic finish to it. Our leathers are eco-friendly and are free from harmful chemicals like Chromium. With the objective of sourcing responsibly, we procure leather only from LWG-rated tanneries who also make leather for world-renowned brands. LWG stands for The Leather Working Group and is a non-profit organization comprising of leather manufacturers, suppliers, traders and related stakeholders who use environmental-friendly operations related to energy and water usage, waste management and management of restricted substances. All our fittings are also of premium quality and are free from harmful chemicals.

We are also working systematically to minimize our environmental impact on humans and nature and to ensure that everyone working with us does so under fair and decent working conditions.


Our age-old craftsmanship intersects with state-of-the-art technology to create desirable masterpieces. We offer ‘REACH-compliant’ products. REACH is a European Union regulation, stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals. Crafted by skilled artisans, our products are not only compact and functional but also will last you for many years, only getting better with age.


Introducing our brand's innovative approach, combining maximum capacity with a sleek and pocket-friendly design, redefining functionality across all our products.